Fire Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division performs inspections for new construction as well as existing buildings. Please allow up to two business days to process your inspection request and please note that all inspection requests are subject to inspector availability.

Fire Inspection Request Form

Inspection types include, but are not limited to, the following:Fire Backflow 2

  • State License Annual Inspection*
  • Annual Inspection Without a State License*
  • Permit Inspection
  • New Business/Business Location Change 
  • Subdivision/Site Drive-Thru**
  • Complaint Inspection
  • Reinspection
  • Other

*Any emergency plans, fire drill logs, generator logs, and other paperwork applicable to this inspection is required to be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to an inspection being conducted.

**Water verification from the City Utilities or County Utilities Department will be required in order for an infrastructure permit to be marked as approved by the Fire Department.

The Compliance Engine

The City of DeLand Fire Department has instituted a process for service providers who inspect and test fire protection systems. This process became effective 5/1/2020 and all compliant and non-compliant fire protection system test reports are required to be submitted to the City of DeLand electronically by the service provider via The Compliance Engine. Technical assistance with utilizing this system can be obtained by contacting 630-413-9511. There is no fee for the provider to register and a nominal fee is due at time of filing by the provider. Once the provider is registered, pricing is viewable under the AHJ icon within The Compliance Engine.

Any inspections and/or permits requiring The Compliance Engine upload and review will not be considered completed until this is done. This is considered directly related to the inspection and should be uploaded into The Compliance Engine within 30 days of the inspection being completed. Any deficiencies will also need to be addressed and corrected in The Compliance Engine prior to the inspection process being completed.

Service Provider Information - The Compliance Engine

Please also view our Business Applications - Fire Permits page for more information.

For meeting requests, public education requests, and other information regarding Fire Prevention, please visit the Fire Prevention Division Webpage