Burning Information

General Information

All burning requires that you contact the Department of Forestry and the City of DeLand Fire Department the day of, and prior to, burning to determine whether there are conditions restricting burning. 

The AHJ shall have the authority to prohibit any or all open flames, candles, and open, recreational, and cooking fires or other sources of ignition, or establish special regulations on the use of any form of fire or smoking material where circumstances make such conditions hazardous. 

The use of unmanned, free-floating sky lanterns and similar devices utilizing an open flame shall be prohibited.

The AHJ shall be authorized to require any fire or smoke to be immediately discontinued if the fire is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

All other applicable laws, rules, or ordinances shall be met by the responsible party.

Department of Forestry Note

It is illegal to burn garbage to include paper products, treated lumber, plastics, rubber materials, tires, pesticides, paint, and aerosol containers.

Declaration of a Burn Ban

If a burn ban is declared due to hazardous conditions, all outdoor burning, unless authorized by the Department of Forestry, including, but not limited to, the burning of yard trash, bonfires, campfires, warming fires, and cooking fires is hereby prohibited subject to an administrative order being issued by the City Fire Chief, or designee, so declaring. Outdoor cooking done within a contained gas or charcoal grill (excluding a fire pit) is exempt from this prohibition when accomplished in a safe manner.


Recreational Fire:

The noncommercial burning of materials other than rubbish for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, or similar purposes in which the fuel burned is not contained in an incinerator, a barbecue grill, or a barbecue pit, and the total fuel area is not exceeding 3 ft in diameter and 2 ft in height.

Cooking Fire:

The noncommercial, residential burning of materials not exceeding 3 ft in diameter and 2 ft in height, other than rubbish in which the fuel burned is contained in an outdoor fireplace, a barbecue grill, or a barbecue pit for the purpose of preparing food.

Open Burning:

Burning where the smoke is emitted directly into the air and not through a chimney or similar method.


City of DeLand Ordinances

NFPA 1, Chapter 10

Department of Forestry Burning Regulations