Utilities: Water, Wastewater & Reclaim Water

Mission Statement

To provide superior drinking water, and advanced treatment and disposal of wastewater through an effective utility system reflecting responsible environmental stewardship striving for 100% customer satisfaction. To enhance the quality of life by working with the citizens in our community, as well as public and private entities, in a professional, effective, and efficient manner.

Duties & Responsibility

The Utilities Department consists of two divisions: Water and Wastewater. The water division is responsible for water quality testing and reporting, water distribution lines and meters, hydrant maintenance, backflow testing and maintenance, installations of meters, hydrants and valves and quality maintenance in general. A section of the Water Department is focused on maintaining water levels for adequate service and pressure as well as the quality of the water our residents use/consume. The Wastewater Division is responsible for locating water and sewer lines/connections through 811, maintaining and cleaning the sewer manholes, lift stations and lines as well as responding to residential and commercial sewer issues. The Wastewater Division is also responsible for the production and distribution of reclaimed water, laboratory analysis and regulatory reporting to agencies.

Additional Information